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Mike Allen


Mike Allen is a co-founder of Axios, a news and information platform focusing on business, tech, politics and other topics shaping the future. At Axios, Mike is responsible for the platform’s editorial coverage and writes the flagship daily newsletters, Axios AM, Axios PM and Axios Finish Line. He is a co-author of the book Smart Brevity: The Power of Saying More with Less, along with fellow co-founders Jim VandeHei and Roy Schwartz.

TaWanna Berry, MA

Associate Director

Jennifer Bitticks, BA

Program Manager
Social Marketing & Content Strategy
RTI International

Mark Coatney

Business Product Lead

Antony Cousins

Executive Director
AI Strategy

Marc Etkind

Associate Administrator for Communications

With more than two decades of experience in development, production, content strategy, and management for science-based programming organizations, Marc Etkind directs internal and external communications for NASA and serves as a senior advisor to agency leaders.

Lisa Fazio, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology and Human Development
Peabody College of Education and Human Development
Vanderbilt University

Anjali Forber-Pratt, PhD

National Institite on Disability, Independent Living & Rehabilitation Research
Administration for Community Living

Michael Fraser, PhD, MS, FCPP

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO)

Jenna Frkovich, MPH

Program Manager
Social Marketing & Content Strategy
RTI International

Shannon Griffin-Blake, PhD

Chief Disability Officer
Office of Health Equity

Sidney Holt, PhD

Associate Project Director
RTI International

Sidney Holt is a Health Communication Scientist within RTI’s Communication Practice Area with over 10 years of experience designing, implementing, and evaluating health communication campaigns. Her work is aimed at promoting health and well-being and reducing health inequities.

Matthew Kreuter, PhD, MPH

Kahn Family Professor and
Associate Professor for Public Health
The Brown School
Washington University in St. Louis

Shari Lambert, BA

Program Manager
Creative SolutionsL Graphic Design, Learning Design, Video & Animation
RTI International

Kollin Leisinger

Creative Social Media Manager
Office of Public Affairs and Equity
Washington State Department of Health

Molly Lynch, MPH

Project Director
RTI International

Molly Lynch leads the Audience Engagement Research Program within RTI’s Communication Practice Area and has over 15 years of experience developing, implementing, and evaluating public health programs.

Karoly Mirnics, PhD, MD

Special Olympics International Board of Directors
Munroe-Meyer Intitute

Connie Moon Sehat

Principal Investigator and Researcher-at-Large

Cristi Moore

Chief Communications Officer
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

Niles Murphy

National Director

Jessica Otero Machuca, MPH, CHES

Associate Clinical Research Coordinator
Mayo Clinic

Jon Poehlman, PhD

Center for Communication Strategy & Design
RTI International

Karen Remley, MD, MBA, MPH

FAAP Director
National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities

Joe Rhoton

Senior Strategy Director
PR Newswire

Ian Ruder

Editor in Chief
New Mobility Magazine

Edward Simmer, MD, MPH, DFAPA

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

Gillian Steel Fisher, PhD, MSc

Global Polling
Harvard Opinion Research Program
T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Harvard University

Linda Squiers, PhD

Sr. Health Communication Scientist
RTI International

Linda Squiers is a Senior Health Communication Scientist within RTI’s Communication Practice Area with over 30 years of experience in health communication and research experience. Her work has focused on developing and testing health communication messages and interventions.

Brooke Wadsworth

Partnerships Coordinator

Kathleen Walker

Sr. Content Strategist

Kathleen Walker is a Senior Content Strategist at CommunicateHealth. Kathleen creates plain language health content and specializes at translating complex health information into simple and engaging content. Kathleen is passionate about creating more accessible online experiences and promoting health literacy.

Nedra Kline Weinreich

President and Founder
Weinreich Communications

As the president and founder of Weinreich Communications, Nedra has more than 25 years of experience in helping NGOs, public agencies and other socially minded organizations create positive change on health and social issues.